Mullion Compact 150N Lifejacket, For Sale, Letterkenny, Donegal
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Mullion Compact 150N Lifejacket

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Mullion Compact 150N Lifejacket

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Designed for heavy duty use ,unclean environment or sporting activities especially fishing with a wipe clean PVC reinforced front cover. Its high cut feature allows very good freedom of movement for workers.

Ideal for any type of work around water, this jacket comes with a quick burst zip opening instead of a velcro system.

Features include inflation system operational readiness indicator window on the back, service date information window on the back, crutch strap, marine grade whistle and SOLAS reflective tape

It offers both automatic inflation and manual inflation, via a pull toggle, through the very latest British /Irish UML-5 inflation system. It has a 33g CO2 cylinder, plus the facility to inflate or top up air via an oral inflation tube.

With 150 Newton’s of buoyancy this 150N lifejacket conforms to European standard EN 396 and new 2012 worldwide standard ISO 12402. Officially classed as a lifejacket because it turns you into the upright position once in the water even in heavy protective clothing. Designed and manufactured in County Donegal Ireland, thousands of these lifejackets have been sold throughout the world. This one comes with a Serial number and recommended service date, which can be organised by

Lifejacket includes crotch strap essentail to prevent the lifejacket being forced over the wearers head upon inflation. Super compact design makes it very popular for anglers as it does not restrict movements.

Colour: Red/Orange

Max Belt Size: 62"


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