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How to Become a Vendor

Initial Step

Signup -> Login -> Edit Account -> Go to Stripe Details and enter your stripe Email id.

Step 1

Click on "Create Account" Button.

If account successfully created, you can see below message.

Step 2

Click on "Create Account Link" Button.

Fill up mobile number and email address and click "Next" button.

Enter a verification code which you received in your mobile number.

Select "Use a new business" and click on "Next" button.

Select about your business and click on "Next" button.

Fill up your Business Details.

Fill up Business Representative Details.

Add Business Owners if you have otherwise click on "Continue with no owners" button.

Review business owners details and click on "Done, continue" button.

Add business directors if you have otherwise click on "Continue with no directors" button.

Update more required information in Business Details and Management and Ownership Section.

Review and click on "Submit" button.

If your account link successfully created then you will see message.

Step 3

Click on "Create Dashboard Link" Button.

Verify your ID and Home Address.

Click on "Save" button.

Click on "Account" link.

Click on "Sign Out" link in bottom right corner.

If your account successfully connected then you will see success message.

Go to your edit profile section and check your stripe status.